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Residential Security: FAQ

What is Residential Security?

Residential Security is the complete management of your house and home's security requirements. Taking care of the physical and technical aspects of your residences security. Acting as both a deterrent and quick reaction team to any possible threats.

Example tasks include:

  • Monitoring CCTV

  • Logging all visitors, staff and contractors

  • Foot patrols 

  • Receiving Deliveries

  • Escorting contractors around the property

Why choose us?

All of our RST Members bring a lot more to the table than a standard security guard. Every member of staff at Aesir are fully trained and licensed close protection operatives with years of experience in the security industry. 

All team members hold an enhanced level of security vetting and advanced First Aid responder qualifications.

Additional Support

Our Residential Security Team's or RST's can support and integrate into:

  • Close Protection Teams

  • Executive Chauffering

  • Medical Support

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