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Close Protection

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Close Protection: FAQ

What is Close Protection?

Close Protection Officers or Bodyguards are highly trained specialists who keep you and your loved ones safe from any physical harm, unwanted attention and other threats to both safety and privacy.

CPO's can protect from such threats as:

  • Direct and Indirect harm

  • Stalkers

  • Over zealous fans

  • Unwanted media attention

  • Surveillance

  • Organised crime

  • Terrorist Organisations

  • Many more

Why choose us?

All of our Close Protection Officer's are fully security vetted and licensed to operate in the UK and Internationally. 

Every member of the Aesir Security group has years of experience in the industry and come from a relevant specialist background such as military, police or specialist vocational employment.

With our own certified training academy in house we are able to ensure all operatives hold relevant, recognised qualifications far higher than the industry standard requirements. 

Additional Support

Close Protection Teams can support or supplement:

  • Residential Security

  • Executive Chauffeuring

  • Hostile Environments

  • Medical Support

  • Special Events

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